World Class Financial Decision-Maker

A Unique 2-Day Training Class
to Master Financial Decision-Making

Miami, Florida

Agugust 1st & 2nd, 2019

Overview of the Training Class:

Who should take this class?

CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Consultants, Financial Analysts, Financial Managers, or anyone making financial decisions in a company, project, or investment.

Class Objective:

This unique training program will prepare you to become a competent Financial Decision-Maker ready to help any company reach its financial goals.

Registration Fees & Class Information

  • Certificate

    All participants will receive a Certification of Completion at the end of the course

  • Meals

    Breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks are included with your registration

  • Class Tools

    It is highly recommended to bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel already installed in it

As a bonus for registering, you will receive 1 SPECIAL GIFT FREE:

One Year Free Subscription of the Prime Dash Software ($936 Value)

Prime Dash is a SMART business financial software giving decision-makers the simple tools they need to grow their businesses and earn the highest profits. In fact, Prime Dash is the first financial decision-maker to successfully incorporate artificial intelligence.



Day 1 – Understanding & Developing

On Day 1, participants will learn to develop the most important financial reports, and key performance indicators.

Day 2 – Analyzing & Deciding

On Day 2, participants will learn to make the best decisions in order to achieve the desired financial goals of a company, project, or investment. .

Learning Objectives: 

Learn to use the best financial strategies to reach maximum profitability for a company
Learn to solve financial problems quicker and with more comfort
Learn to positively influence a company’s growth and financial success
Learn to provide the necessary analysis, management, and adjustments, to reach maximum Return On Investment (ROI) for projects, expansion plans, or investment opportunities.
Learn to establish better financial decision-making practices for a company