Control your financial results with simple & innovative tools

Strategic Reports

Financial dashboard

Makes it seamlessly easy to visualize the financial performance for each period

Break Even

Establishes the minimum revenue a company must reach to cover its financial obligations or expenses

Financial Ratios

Provides Liquidity, Profitability, Financial Leverage, and Efficiency ratios to understand the key performance indicators


Provides an instant overview of the best performing products/services

Cost Analysis

Performs a side-by-side examination of the financial efficiency of the company through its cost structures, to determine if overspending or irregularities have occurred

Financial Grade

Provides an instant feedback on the company’s key financial structures in the areas of Efficiency, Stability, Control, Growth, and Profitability


Provides the minimum income goal the company should seek and the maximum amount to spend for each cost line item specific to the company

Business Valuation

Provides the market value of a company by analyzing a comprehensive set of financial parameters, assumptions, and benchmarks

Innovative Simulations

Profit & Loss

Determines the expected profit level as revenues and costs are changed

Spending Plan

Determines the optimum spending limit for each cost based on a revenue projection

Financial Plan

Determines the minimum revenues to achieve given a specific profit amount


Performs an in-depth analysis of the financial structure and performance of the company to generate a complete budget to use moving forward


Provides an estimated time-frame to pay back an investment based on specific conditions such as the amount, profit sharing, and potential taxes


Determines how changes in the number of staff, compensation, benefits and bonuses will affect the overall profitability of the company


Determines the expected profit level, break-amounts, and break-even days as revenues and costs are changed


Determines the financial model required to achieve the desired profitability by simply changing the profit goal percentage

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