Loan Processor

360 degree loan management system
The future of loan processing

The LP provides an innovative front and back-end platform to process and manage large quantities of loan applications. The LP also comes ready with a robust business intelligence module and pre-approval capabilities.

How does it work?

1. Prime Dash intakes all loan information including financials
2. Analyzes the information
3. Provides a recommendation
4. Forwards the lead’s information based on the financial institution’s specific preferences

Why should you use Prime Dash LP to process loans?

Complete applications

We only provide applications that are ready to be processed
thus eliminating the ongoing frustration of processing large quantities of unsuccessful applications

We do the heavy lifting

We provide automated financial analysis
thus saving your staff valuable time and effort

Automated financial analysis

1. financial statements

  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet

2. Ratio Analysis

  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Financial Leverage Ratios
  • Efficiency Ratios

3. Comparative Cost Analysis (CCA)

The CCA performs a side-by-side examination of the financial efficiency of an organization through its cost structures to determine overspending or irregularities have occurred.

4. financial grade

Prime Dash has developed a Revolutionary Grading Tool that is able to provide an instant feedback on the company’s key financial structures. Once this analysis is complete, Prime Dash is able to provide an Overall Financial Grade as well as the likelihood of long-term success.

5. Business Valuation

As part of the loan processing, Prime Dash will provide an estimated value of the business using its own proprietary process.

6. Estimated Payback Time Frame

Prime Dash will project the future financial performance of the company and estimate a Repayment Time frame.

At this point, the Loan Processor can trigger any specific actions as required by the financial institution.
Option 1
Provide a Pre-approval Decision to the lead with a specific next step

On the Customer’s side:

The financial institution can request that any Financial Grade Score above 80% for example be given an immediate pre-approval decision. The scores that do not meet the minimum threshold can also be denied immediately.

On the Financial Institution’s side:

Prime Dash can e-mail or store in a secured platform the successful and/or unsuccessful loan applications to be accessed by the financial institution’s associates. All loans are tracked by a unique case number.

Option 2
Require an internal review before providing a pre-approval decision
Option 3
As requested by the bank
A combination of the two first options or additional calculations from the bank’s internal policies can also be implemented as requested.
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