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We are Prime Dash

How did we begin?

The development of the Prime Dash Technologies began in 2017. From the onset, our goal was simple: To develop the BEST PARTNER FOR DECISION-MAKERS regardless of their industry or business size.

Prime dash was built out of necessity!
Most of the members of our executive team are former management consultants. For the past two decades, we have been helping businesses grow, earn the profits they expect, and reach the heights they seek. Thus, we are extremely attuned to the challenges most businesses face especially those with smaller budgets.
We understand the need
We have used our consulting engagements to conduct a comprehensive study of the needs vs. offerings in the market. We realized that the available tools did not meet the requirements of the majority of businesses.
The message we received from decision-makers
  • They need a simple tool with less emphasis on complicated financial reports
  • They need a smart tool that doesn’t require painful organization and manipulation of data
  • They need an efficient tool that can extract the EXACT information they need to make good decisions
  • They need an affordable tool that fits even with very small budgets
Our principals
These four principals have spearheaded the development of Prime Dash and we strongly believe that any decision-maker who tries Prime Dash will consider it an invaluable partner to make good decisions and efficiently manage their organizations.
Our Passion
We are passionate about delivering to our clients the exact tools they need at a price they can afford. At Prime Dash, we do not decide what’s best for our clients, OUR CLIENTS DO.
What’s Next?
Moving forward, we will also grow with our clients and partners. We will listen to their needs and will add only the capabilities they can use.
Our goals for Decision-Makers
Manage their organizations/projects with less effort and confusion
Make quick and accurate decisions
Earn the profits and success they seek
Our Promise
We believe that our success is directly tied to the success of our clients. We are committed partners dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients. We will work hard to adapt to the constant changes within the market and always provide simple yet powerful tools to help our clients ENGINEER SUCCESS.

executive team

Madou Sylla

Madou Sylla


Madou is the founder of Prime Dash and affiliate companies. Prior to this role, Madou was the CEO of Systems & Solutions International Group (SSIG), a global management consulting company helping businesses with innovative financial, operations, and management systems. As a business consultant, Madou Sylla has saved many companies from imminent failure, coordinated mergers and acquisitions, turned inefficient organizations into well-oiled operations, and groomed numerous executives to become effective, dynamic, and successful.
Throughout his career, Madou has had the opportunity to understand the frustration of decision-makers across many industries. In fact, he realized that the available tools do not serve their exact needs, as they are either too complicated or extremely difficult to implement throughout their organizations. Thus, Madou set out on a journey to develop the simplest yet very comprehensive tool to finally revolutionize financial decision-making.
On an average day, Madou is conceptualizing and developing cutting-edge business systems to help leaders and decision-makers. He faithfully invests his time and efforts on developing new processes and technologies that reduce the use of resources, promote efficiency, and increase market share for companies.
Madou holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Shepherd University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Marshall University.
Catalin Rus

Catalin Rus


As the COO of Prime Dash, Catalin implements the company’s business strategies, plans and procedures by setting comprehensive goals for superior performance and growth. He works closely with the CEO to establish policies that promote the company’s culture and vision. Catalin oversees our offices in Europe and works closely with other executives to ensure that maximum performance is met for all the strategic endeavors of the company. Catalin also works with our administrative staff to compile financial budgets, monitor accounting and banking procedures, and develop financial reports.

As a proven business leader, Catalin constantly strives to find the most effective ways to streamline processes to ease the decision-making process of leaders. Throughout his career as an entrepreneur and investor, Catalin has found multiple technology companies focusing on financial systems, web-based, and desktop applications. His unique sense of understanding the next trends and market direction has propelled him to an innovator status and a true pioneer of the technologies of the future. Catalin holds two degrees in Management and IT development from the University of Oradea.

Cosmin Ghita

Cosmin Ghita


Cosmin is a highly accomplished Senior Software Architect. His main achievements include the development of a comprehensive order management system for a major European Telecom company with 300K users, a product configuration system for a global leader in the car industry with 4.5 Million users, and an engineering and flight planning system for a global airline company. As the CTO of Prime Dash, Cosmin’s responsibilities include: management the entire development team, delivery of all technologies and infrastructures, coordination of sequential deployment of products, recruiting and development of employees’ retention plans, requirements gathering and analysis, design experimentation, and proposing architectural approaches for software applications, including web, client, server, code reviews., and DevOps.
Sarah Naylor

Sarah Naylor

VP OF Human Resources

As the VP of Human Resources, Sarah manages the recruiting and hiring of Prime Dash staff. Her expertise includes organizational and staff development, leadership training and development, communication, team building, strategic development and planning.

Sarah’s experience is extensive, as she has coached many executives to improve their leadership competencies; e.g. Leadership from a broad-based perspective, resilience, conflict management, interpersonal relationships, communication – written and oral, flexibility, creativity, and decisiveness).

Sarah has served on various counsels and boards of directors. Also in Sarah’s career, she served as the Administrative Director of a computer start-up company — as their first employee. She worked in all administrative aspects of this start-up and growing company, initially from HR to bookkeeping and working with the company CPA, to facilities management, etc. When Sarah resigned, the company had grown to over 75 employees, where she supervised and developed various departments to provide the administrative infrastructure necessary to the company’s success. Prior to this start-up company, Sarah worked for IBM in San Francisco as a secretary to Marketing and Systems Engineering Managers.

Radu Goia

Radu Goia


As the Creative Director of Prime Dash, Radu conceives and implements various creative projects to increase the overall appeal of the technologies the company offers. He works closely with Senior Management when prototyping new concepts and products. Radu also works with our front and bac-kend developers to ensure that the design specs for all products are followed meticulously for an optimum user experience. Radu also manages our team of illustrators, copywriters, video producers, and graphic designers. Radu’s background and expertise is extensive. Prior to joining Prime Dash, he has developed marketing peripherals, videos, special effects, graphics, websites, magazine prints, logos, and brand books for Fortune 500 companies in Europe and North America.
Ioana Rus

Ioana Rus



Malina Turcut

Malina Turcut



Abdou Diouf

Abdou Diouf





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