Decision maker

The simplest and most innovative software to make financial decisions.


In the View Section (Where all your Performance indicators are shown), you can easily access all your financial reports to know exactly where you stand financially at any given time

Financial reports provided:

  • Dashboard
  • Financial statements
  • Products / Services report
  • Costs report
  • Break-even report
  • Financial ratios
  • Business valuation
  • Financial grade

In the Decide Section, you can simulate all your financial Data to determine the future impact of any financial decision you want to make today

Simulations you can do:

  • Financial Plan
  • Spending Plan
  • Profit Plan
  • Payback
  • Break-Even
  • Profit & Loss
  • Budget
The Advisor Section, an Automated Advisor, powered by Artificial intelligence is ready to guide you to financial success. This smart system analyzes your company non-stop and is always seeking to increase your overall profitability.

The AI Advisor provides you with:

  • Short-Term Suggestions
  • Long-Term Suggestions

What makes the Decision-Maker better than other financial software programs?

✓ First, you don’t have to be an accountant or a financial expert to use the Decision-Maker. It’s simple and will guide you along the way.

✓ Second, you won’t need to read pages and pages of instructions…..or sit through lengthy demo sessions because, with the Decision-Maker it’s Plug and Play Immediately.

Essentially, the Decision-Maker eliminates the confusion when needing to decide what to do next

Let your journey to financial success begin with the Decision-Maker!


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