Prime Dash
Credit Management Platform (CMP)

Innovative Loan Management System

What is the Prime Dash CMP ?

The Credit Management Platform, which is a 360° system that enables a bank to control, and manage loans in an efficient and hassle-free process

Main benefits of the
Prime Dash CMP
  • A simple platform that provides the necessary functionalities to control and manage loans
  • A smart platform that doesn’t require painful set-up and organization. It’s usable on day 1.
  • An efficient platform that can extract the exact information to act on a loan
  • Easier and real-time access to clients’ financials
  • Ongoing Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Built-in Risk Mitigation tools
  • Easier Management of Problem Loans
  • Seamless communication with all clients

The Prime Dash CMP includes FOUR key capabilities:

Super admin account

  • Automation of regular loan processing tasks
  • Direct communication with all clients

Ongoing Financial Reporting

  • Clients’ Data Uploading and Mgt
  • Production of financial statements
  • Seamless and easy visualization of reports

Automated Financial Analysis

  • Key performance Indicators
  • Real-time analysis of liquidity, profitability, leverage, and efficiency metrics

Continuous Risk Evaluation

  • Financial Grade of each client
  • Specific recommendations to improve financial performance
  • Projection for long-term sustainability
Super admin account Overview
The SUPER ADMIN account will be able to review in real time the financial information of all clients of the credit provider. This innovative backend infrastructure could be accessible to all designated members of the credit provider’s team including managers, loan officers, marketing teams, etc. With this account, the credit provider will also be able to run all analytics provided by Prime Dash for each client to determine their financial performance, creditworthiness, stability, financial strength, etc.
Key functionalities of the Super admin account
  • Secured online infrastructure
  • Easy access to the financials of each client
  • Automated notifications based on preferred triggers – (i.e) cash flow issues, low or negative profit, debt increase, asset reduction, and many more based on the credit provider’s specific requests
  • Direct communication with each client
Automated financial analysis

Financial Dashboard

Makes it seamlessly easy to visualize the financial performance of the company for each period


Establishes the minimum revenue a company must reach to cover its financial obligations or expenses

Financial Ratios

Provides liquidity, profitability, financial leverage, and efficiency ratios to understand the key performance indicators


Provides an instant overview of the best performing products/services


Provides a detailed overview of all costs and for all periods

Cost Analysis

Performs a side-by-side examination of the financial efficiency of the company through its cost structures, to determine if overspending or irregularities have occurred

Business Valuation

Provides the market value of a company by utilizing a comprehensive set of financial parameters, assumptions, and benchmarks

Continuous risk evaluation
With the financial grade, the credit provider can take quick and decisive actions with a client that has a high risk of failure.

Prime Dash has developed a Revolutionary Grading Tool that is able to deliver the credit provider with an instant feedback on their clients’ financial strength, risk level, and long-term sustainability. This innovative tool analyzes the performance of a company based on the following FIVE key pillars:

See the example below











Once this analysis is complete, Prime Dash is able to provide an overall financial grade as well as the likelihood of long-term success.


Financial grade

POOR – Long term financial success is unlikely

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