Connecting financial institutions to their clients like never before

> Analyze & Score financial data of loan applicants
> Monitor in real-time the financial performance of existing clients

Some of our partners 

Prime Dash API Scoring Engine

Automated processing of customers’ accounting data provides immediate financial analysis and scoring of clients during the loan processing

Real-time access to clients’ financials

Faster loan processing

Reduced operational costs

Reduced human errors  

Prime Dash Financial Monitoring Engine

Real-time data access and AI processing of customers’ accounting data provides ongoing financial analysis, reporting, and risk monitoring

Easier and real-time access to clients’ financials by connecting directing with their accounting software (QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Zoho, etc.)

Easier management of problematic loans
Seamless communication with all clients
Comprehensive risk mitigation tools

Decision Maker > the Best Virtual CFO for your clients

Provide your clients with a unique tool to help them control costs, make better financial decisions, and generate higher profits.

Additional benefits for offering the DM to your clients…

Through APIs, build custom products and solutions with the DM

Easily profile customers and create customized offerings

Create focused and targeted marketing campaigns

Improve the decision-making process (informed and data driven decisions)

How Prime Dash does it better than anyone else?


To simulate optimum human financial data review and processing


To seamlessly process tasks and decisions so no humans have to make them



To re-arrange and present financial data in an easy and consumable format



To trigger human attention and review if expects results are not being met

Why do financial institutions PREFER Prime Dash?

We DO the heavy lifting so that they can make FAST & ACCURATE decisions

> Ability to connect to tens of thousands of customers
> Continuous connection to clients’ financial data
> Ongoing and automated monitoring of loans
> Higher customer retention by incentivization
> Ability to improve clients’ profitability
> Free Business Intelligence tool for customers in the portfolio
> Higher profitability for the financial institutions
> Higher profitability for the financial institutions

Our company
With Prime Dash, rest assured that your data will be fully protected as we use the highest industry security standards. Our solutions include multiple layers of security to prevent unauthorized access or data breach.
We are committed partners dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients. We work hard to adapt to the constant changes in the world of business. We will always provide simple yet powerful tools to help our clients engineer success.
We are passionate about delivering to our clients the exact tools they need to accomplish their business and financial goals. At Prime Dash, we do not decide what’s best for our clients, OUR CLIENTS DO.

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